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Abiogen s.p.a. asks its website visitors to use and keep their data with due care, in accordance with the current privacy norms (Personal data protection code - D.L. no.196/2003).

When you visit the website, your presence in the site will stay anonymous. Your personal information, like name and email address, will not be stored while you visit the site.

The user releases his personal data in the the institutional website only by filling in the form to access specific services.

In this case, the personal data are collected and processed manually or electronically only if the user declares his or her consent to do it and only if they are provided for the above-mentioned aim and are strictly functional to the services.

Abiogen s.p.a. will guarantee the respect of the rights recognized by art. 7 of the L. D. no.196/2003 to those who will provide their personal data for the above scopes.

Abiogen s.p.a, as "Principal" of the personal data, has appointed the Managing Director to the responsibility of the personal data processing according to art. 29 of the above mentioned Personal data protection code (D.L. no.196/2003).


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The form should be used only for the purpose which it has been created for. No answer will be sent or addressed to any area of competence in case of inadequate requests.